Hacksaw Blades

IRWIN Hacksaw Blades

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Hacksaw Blades Features:

IRWIN® high-quality hacksaw blades provide 
improved cutting performance. Their tooth geometry delivers higher resistance against tooth strippage and increases longevity and durability. Leveraging the advantages of WeldTec™ technology, IRWIN® hacksaw blades allow for faster, smoother and less tiring cutting.

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Item #DescriptionEAN
10504523Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blade 18TPI, 300mm, 2 pcs.5706915045239
10504524Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blade 24TPI, 300mm, 2 pcs.5706915045246
10504525Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blade 32TPI, 300mm, 2 pcs.5706915045253
10507929Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blade 3pk (one each 18, 24 & 32TP), 300mm5706915079296
10505897Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blade 18TPI, 300mm, 10 pcs.5706915058970
10505898Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blade 24TPI, 300mm, 10 pcs.5706915058987
10505899Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blade 32TPI, 300mm, 10 pcs.5706915058994
10504520Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blade 18TPI, 300mm, 100 pcs.5706915045208
10504521Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blade 24TPI, 300mm, 100 pcs.5706915045215
10504522Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blade 32TPI, 300mm, 100 pcs.5706915045222
10504530Junior Wood Blade 14TPI, 150mm, 10 pcs.5706915045307
10504531Junior Metal Blade 32TPI, 150mm, 10 pcs.5706915045314