Carbon Snap-Off Blades

IRWIN Carbon Snap-Off Blades

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Carbon Snap-Off Blades Features:

    Bi-Metal is formed by welding highspeed steel edge and spring steel, having the benefit of both types: Safety & Longer Life.
    IRWIN┬« Bi-metal Blue Blades are safer since they will not break under normal working conditions, and they help reduce the risk of injury from breaking or shattering blades. And, with the blades lasting longer than traditional carbon blades, they result in fewer blade changes which means fewer accidental cuts.
      Spring steel allows the blade to bend without accidentally breaking
      High speed steel hardened cutting edge stays sharp 3X longer than traditional carbon blades which means more cuts for the money
      For breaking a new edge confidently
    *vs. IRWIN® carbon blades 10504245 / 10504561

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    Item #DescriptionEAN
    10504558Carbon Steel Snap-Off Blade 25mm 5pk5706915045581
    10504559Carbon Steel Snap-Off Blade 25mm 10pk5706915045598
    10504561Carbon Steel Snap-Off Blade 18mm 5pk5706915045611
    10504562Carbon Steel Snap-Off Blade 18mm 10pk5706915045628
    10504563Carbon Steel Snap-Off Blade 18mm 50pk5706915045635
    10504567Carbon Steel Snap-Off Blade 9mm 10pk5706915045673
    10506456Carbon Steel Snap-Off Blade Bulk 18mm 100pk5706915064568