Chain Pipe Wrenches

Chain Pipe Wrenches

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Chain Pipe Wrenches Features:

IRWIN® Record® offer a full range of plumbing tools designed to get the job done quickly and efficiently. From our solid-forged Stillson Wrenches to the lightweight Quick-Adjusting Wrench, our range of pipe tools offer superior grip due to the unique ‘V-shaped’ tooth profile.

Chain pipe wrenches are mainly used in confined spaces, such as against a wall or close to a nest of other piping. Simply loop the chain around the pipe, lock it and the jaws will grip in the direction of the turn. The pipe can then be easily tightened or loosened with short strokes of the handle.

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Item #DescriptionCapacityEAN
T23112Chain Pipe Wrench Ø61mm/14”5/16” - 2”, (8-51mm)0734442109082
T23212Chain Pipe Wrench Ø90mm/21-1/2”5/16” - 3”, (8-76mm)0734442109204
T233CChain Pipe Wrench Ø115mm/36”1/2” - 4”, (13-101mm)0734442113164
T234CChain Pipe Wrench Ø220mm/51”1” - 8”, (25-203mm)0734442113287
T235CChain Pipe Wrench 64-1/2”2” - 12” (50 - 300mm)0734442114000