XPERT Handsaw PTFE Coated


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XPERT Handsaw PTFE Coated Features:

The Xpert range of low-friction PTFE coated handsaws from IRWIN® give between 20 to 50% speed improvement (material dependent) when sawing and also offer improved wear-resistance.

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Item #DescriptionEAN
10505544XPERT Universal Toolbox PTFE 15”/375mm 8T/9P5706915055443
10505545XPERT Universal PTFE 20”/500mm 8T/9P5706915055450
10505546XPERT Universal PTFE 22”/550mm 8T/9P5706915055467
10505547XPERT Coarse with gullets PTFE 22”/550mm 8T/9P5706915055474
10505602XPERT Fine PTFE 20”/500mm 10TPI/11P5706915056020
10505603XPERT Fine PTFE 22”/550mm 10TPI/11P5706915056037