HSS Cobalt Drill Bits

IRWIN HSS Cobalt Drill Bits

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HSS Cobalt Drill Bits Features:

  • 5% Cobalt  for higher heat and abrasion resistance
  • Heavy-duty web construction for strength and durability
  • 135° split point begins drilling immediatlely, minimizing bit "walk"
  • Manufactured to DIN 338 Standards
  • Application: tough metal drilling, including heavy-duty abrasive alloy metal drilling on hardened steel (heat-treated)

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Item #DescriptionEAN
10502511HSS PRO CO DIN 338 1.00 PK105706915000450
10502512HSS PRO CO DIN 338 1.50 PK105706915000474
10502513HSS PRO CO DIN 338 2.00 PK105706915000498
10502514HSS PRO CO DIN 338 2.50 PK105706915000511
10502515HSS PRO CO DIN 338 3.00 PK105706915000535
10502519HSS PRO CO DIN 338 3.50 PK105706915000610
10502520HSS PRO CO DIN 338 4.00 PK105706915025200
10502524HSS PRO CO DIN 338 4.50 PK105706915025248
10502527HSS PRO CO DIN 338 5.00 PK105706915000771
10502529HSS PRO CO DIN 338 5.50 PK105706915000818
10502530HSS PRO CO DIN 338 6.00 PK105706915025309
10502531HSS PRO CO DIN 338 6.50 PK55706915000856
10502532HSS PRO CO DIN 338 7.00 PK105706915000894
10502533HSS PRO CO DIN 338 7.50 PK55706915000870
10502534HSS PRO CO DIN 338 8.00 PK55706915000917
10502535HSS PRO CO DIN 338 8.50 PK55706915000931
10502536HSS PRO CO DIN 338 9.00 PK55706915000955
10502537HSS PRO CO DIN 338 9.50 PK55706915000979
10502538HSS PRO CO DIN338 10.00 PK55706915000993
10502539HSS PRO CO DIN338 11.00 PK55706915001013
10502540HSS PRO CO DIN338 12.00 PK55706915001037
10502541HSS PRO CO DIN338 13.00 PK55706915001051