Auger Drill Bits

IRWIN Auger Drill Bits

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Auger Drill Bits Features:

  • Coarse screw point for faster boring into all types of wood.
  • Single spur design for smoother hole finish.

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Item #DescriptionEAN
10502738AUGER DRILL 5.0X73/150 X 4.55709131135579
10502739AUGER DRILL 6.0X114/191 X 5.85709131133490
10502740AUGER DRILL 6.0X323/400 X 5.85709131133957
10502741AUGER DRILL 8.0X114/191 X 6.85709131133513
10502742AUGER DRILL 8.0X323/400 X 6.85709131133971
10502744AUGER DRILL 10.0X114/191 X 7.45709131133537
10502745AUGER DRIL 10.0X323/400 X 7.45709131133995
10502747AUGER DRILL 11.0X114/191 X 7.45709131133551
10502748AUGER DRILL 12.0X114/191 X 9.25709131133575
10502749AUGER DRIL 12.0X323/400 X 9.25709131134015
10502751AUGER DRILL 13.0X114/191 X 9.25709131133599
10502752AUGER DRIL 13.0X323/400 X 9.25709131134039
10502754AUGER DRILL 14.0X114/191 X 9.25709131133612
10502755AUGER DRIL 14.0X323/400 X 9.25709131134053
10502756AUGER DRILL 15.0X114/191 X 9.25709131133636
10502757AUGER DRILL 16.0X114/191 X 9.25709131133650
10502758AUGER DRIL 16.0X323/400 X 9.25709131134077
10502760AUGER DRILL 17.0X114/191 X 9.25709131133674
10502761AUGER DRIL 18.0X138/215 X 11.05709131133698
10502762AUGER DRIL 18.0X323/400 X 11.05709131134091
10502764AUGER DRIL 19.0X138/215 X 11.05709131133711
10502765AUGER DRIL 19.0X323/400 X 11.05709131134114
10502766AUGER DRIL 20.0X138/215 X 11.05709131133735
10502767AUGER DRIL 20.0X323/400 X 11.05709131134138
10502769AUGER DRIL 22.0X138/215 X 11.05709131133759
10502770AUGER DRIL 22.0X323/400 X 11.05709131134152
10502772AUGER DRIL 24.0X138/215 X 11.05709131133773
10502773AUGER DRIL 24.0X323/400 X 11.05709131134176
10502774AUGER DRIL 25.0X138/215 X 11.05709131133797
10502775AUGER DRIL 25.0X323/400 X 11.05709131134190
10502776AUGER DRIL 26.0X138/215 X 11.05709131133810
10502777AUGER DRIL 26.0X323/400 X 12.65709131134213
10502778AUGER DRIL 28.0X163/240 X 12.65709131133834
10502779AUGER DRIL 28.0X323/400 X 12.65709131134237
10502780AUGER DRIL 30.0X163/240 X 12.65709131133858
10502781AUGER DRIL 30.0X323/400 X 12.65709131134251
10502782AUGER DRIL 32.0X163/240 X 12.65709131133872
10502783AUGER DRIL 32.0X323/400 X 12.65709131134275
10502784AUGER DRIL 35.0X163/240 X 12.65709131133896
10502785AUGER DRIL 35.0X323/400 X 12.65709131134312
10502786AUGER DRIL 36.0X323/400 X 12.65709131134336
10502787AUGER DRIL 38.0X163/240 X 12.65709131133919
10502788AUGER DRIL 40.0X163/240 X 12.65709131133933